Jake Panasevich

Philadelphia, PA
United States

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Motivator & Yoga Mentor For Men

Drawing from over seven intensive trainings, Jake Panasevich threads the most beneficial practices from different modalities into a unique yoga experience for inflexible, stressed, over-worked regular Americans.

Jake is a yoga and wellness mentor and teacher to a large, committed group of beginners and advanced students alike. With a strong wrestling, coaching and writing background, Jake inspires students to get committed, get stronger and learn to love life and flourish in it.

Jake works with:

-Guys who want to live healthy and pain-free
-Former athletes who are tight and injured
-Those who want to avoid surgery and expensive alternatives to yoga
-Those who love to be challenged in a way that supports them

Jake guides his students to reach their yoga and wellness goals. Once achieving their goals, Jake brings their yoga practice and health to a whole new level. Through a unique combination of alignment, bio-mechanics, yoga therapeutics, encouragement and sweat, Jake brings his students through radical transformation.

Along with teaching group and private classes, Jake offers larger, more advancing programs including his 8-Week Advancing Series For Dudes. Participants develop and evolve a home yoga practice uniquely designed for each individual by Jake for them, they’re brought through a progressive series of group classes and private lessons along with bi-weekly check-in calls and monthly content calls. These more meaningful, extensive programs are efficient in reaching students’ goals.

Students who want to advance and evolve their yoga practice in a way that is challenging, accessible, supportive and fun will be inspired by Jake’s teachings.

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