Jambo Truong

Newcastle Upon Tyne
United Kingdom

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Jambo is a practitioner of Integrated Health with special interests in Functional Anatomy, Applied Kinesiology and classical East-Asian Medicine. He has been invited to join the Forrest Yoga Hoop of Mentor Guardian teachers and is travelling assistant to Ana Forrest.

Jambo has over 10 years experience working within the fields of addiction, chronic pain & trauma and has set up clinics for Hepatitis C & HIV. Aside from being a TED speaker & clinical advisor in Well-Being Research at University of Cape Town, Northumbria & Newcastle, he is also apprentice to Esther Lim, senior shaman & Jong Baik, Korean Hand Acupuncture.

Jambo's teaching comes from an intent to recognise your personal power and live a life you truly desire. He uses humour to enable easier memory of anatomy and has good foundations for how a life lived pleasurably is a life lived well.