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James J. Bones Tomaselli - RYT Classical Hatha (Bihar, Shradhasagar, Rama Jyoti Vernon) Yin Yoga (Devi Daly, Grilley) LifeForce Yoga (Rose Kress, Amy Weintraub) Craniosacral Therapy (Heidi Wilson).

Our classes begin with the exhale, are mindful with a breath centered awareness, finding center and balance in each posture; slow focused flows expanding and softening on the inhale extending and moving on the exhale.

Depending on the group or private class style, classes include Pranayama (breath awareness), mediation & walking meditation, chanting & Mantra (Sanskrit), Nada (sound) Yoga, Yoga Nidra(sleep), Trataka/Yantra(Light or Image gazing), Asana (physical postures) for your Dosha (body type) or LifeForce® yoga techniques. In certain types of classes (restorative, Nidra, meditative) there may be, with permission, gentle hands-on cranialsacral touch.

My personal practice and my direction of teaching are in Classical Hatha Yoga & Ayurvedic (food science) lifestyle. I come to the Yogic Lifestyle and Teaching from a rudimentary exercise & nutrition based lifestyle. Learning the rudiments of healing through proper nutrition with Dr. Fred Bisci following a mugging resulting in spine and head trauma and fractured orbit in 1992. A physical trauma in 2003, falling 16 feet from a fire escape, suffering TBI and braking my cervical vertebrae in 2 places, herniating a combination of 8 discs in the cervical and lumbar spine, dislocated my jaw, broke my nose and broke my front teeth. After a multitude of surgeries I am Harrington rod fused at C3-T1 and L4 -S1, …bolts, rods, baskets, plates and screws! I live with chronic nerve pain, headaches and PTSD. Disabled, I lost my career of 22 years and the way of My Life.

Subsequently spending over 12 years in Western Care and on prescription medication for pain, migraines and depression with no prognosis or outlook for improvement and no support network. Doctors whom just write Rx’s and Insurance company’s who decide what You need are neither a support network nor a long term solution to healing or to living a healthy life.

With great challenge, a great amount of work, and a rediscovered faith in my Being, I have been fortunate to begin learning and to utilize Mindfulness and the Yogic and Ayurvedic Lifestyle to find greater faith, lasting health, a sense of control and strength in my life, as well as, learning to control the varied aspects of chronic headache and nerve pain, physical immobility, depression and anxiety.

Prior to this accident I did have a basic YMCA based yoga 'asana' practice, which kept me flexible and tone, yet until I learned through legitimate teachers and incorporated the BREATH through Classical Hatha, the Scientific Systems of Mindfulness and Ayurveda, I was not truly able to benefit by Asana (postures) alone in my compromised physical condition, in fact it was detrimental to some extent.
I had been taking classes on and off my whole adult life and, following this life altering trauma (and subsequent relocation to Tucson) I finally came to learning the potential depth of the Breath and a dedicated Yoga and Meditation Practice, taking my first truly meaningful classes in Tucson with Frank Jude Boccio and Thomas Beall, may he rest peacefully.

I am learning to live a house-holders life in the stream, living buddha dharma in the ‘thread’ of Patanjali.

I was Hatha certified in 2014 at 7 Centers Yoga Arts in Sedona. I have a Yin Yoga certification with Devi (Debbie) Daly in 2015 and LifeForce® yoga for depression and anxiety in 2018. Studied Mindfulness Yoga with Frank Jude Boccio 2019.

I have completed numerous workshops and courses including but not limited to;
The Foundations of Well Being with Dr. Rick Hanson and Tara Brach. Sacred Geometry of Yoga - Rama Jyoti Vernon, Natasha Korschak, Ross Kress - Tucson 2015. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras - Gateway to Enlightenment - 55hrs (ª). Rama Jyoti Vernon, Rose Kress, Ginny Beall Tucson, AZ (ª) Ongoing series 2017 through 2019. Myths & Stories of the Gods & Goddesses - 3hrs. Rama Jyoti Vernon Tucson, AZ 2/2017

*All Yoga Certification Trainings Listed are Yoga Alliance Approved and Accredited.

Trainings and Certifications:
-LifeForce Yoga for Depression Level 1 Rose Kress, Amy Weintraub Tucson, AZ January 2018
-Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras - Gateway to Enlightenment - 55hrs(ª). Rama Jyoti Vernon, Rose Kress, Ginny Beall Tucson, AZ November 2017 through 2019.
-Myths & Stories of the Gods & Goddesses - 3hrs. Rama Jyoti Vernon Tucson, AZ 2/2017
-AIS - Active Isolated Stretching Certification - 32Hrs. Diane Waye (Aaron Mattes method) Tucson, AZ 2015
-YIN Yoga Certification - 64Hrs Debbie Daly, Grilley method Tucson, AZ 2015
-Sacred Geometry of Yoga - 32hrs. Rama Jyoti Vernon, Ginny Beal, Rose Kress, Natasha Korschak Tucson 2015
-CPR/AED/First Aid Pediatric/ Adult Red Cross - Tucson 2015
-YTT Hatha Yoga - 200hrs. Seven Centers Yoga Arts, Sedona, AZ November 2014 - Shraddhasagar Ruth Hartung, Rama Jyoti Vernon, Sean Neesley, Zac Occiline, Melissa Comacho, Jeff Masters, Ambaya Martin.
-Empty Mountain Sangha - Dharma training - Frank Jude Boccio Tucson, AZ 2012
-Foundations of Well Being - Dr. Rick Hanson, Tara Brach 2014

Work Experience
- Tucson Yoga Tucson, Az - Sub Instructor 2016-18/ front desk 2011-18.
- Modern Mystic Yoga, Tucson AZ - Hatha Instructor 2015
- YMCA Tucson - OTT Location - Hatha Instructor 2015-2016.
- Natural Way Wellness Spa - Tucson, Az- Front Desk 2012-2013
- Solar Culture Art Gallery/Venue - Tucson, Az - Artist/ Sound/Gallery
- Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum-The Art Institute Tucson, Az Gallery &
Arts Technician 2007-2009
- Arizona Pro Sound - Tucson, Az - Freelance Engineer 2007-2010
- Arizona Theater Company - Tucson, Az -FOH Sound Mixer 2008
- Old Tucson Studios - Tucson, Az - Sound, Light, Pyro, Firearms 07-08
*Prior to trauma in 2003:
- Broadway Musicals (Broadway, National & International tours) -
Sound Engineer/Designer 1994-2007
- Nola Recording Studios - Recording Engineer - Sesame Street - ABC Sports - Bantam Books on Tape 1985 -1995

- The School of Visual Arts NYC 2004-2005 Photographic Darkroom
- Parsons & The New School NYC 1997-2003 Visual Arts/ Sculpture
- Kingsborough College NY 1986 Broadcast/Theater Tech/Mgmt

Yogi, Multi-medium Artist, Sculptor, Multi-Instrumentalist, Music Producer, Recording/Mixing Engineer National and Internationally (Sesame Street, Big Band, R&B, Jazz, Children's albums, etc.), Broadway Front of House Sound Mixer, Sound Department Manger, Sound System Designer, Music Composer, IATSE Stagehand.
FOH on 8 Broadway Musical Productions, 11 National Tours, 7 International Tours.

**Available for consult, video, travel, retreat & tours**

Services Offered

Private in Tucson$5090 min   Book
Semi-Private Family pp in Tucson$2590 min   Book
DisabledNot Working discount Work-trade possible or$2590 min   Book
Discount Lessons at my studio NW side$4590 min   Book
25plus miles Private$90120 min   Book
25plus miles Semi Private Family ADD pp$15120 min   Book
Community Center or School negotiable on class size and distance$200120 min   Book

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