James Reedy

Meadville, PA
United States

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I reside in Meadville PA. with my wife partner Charlotte and our 3 year old daughter Muriel. I have lived in Meadville since 1990 where I worked in collaboration to form the Dance and Movement Studies program at Allegheny college. This program offers classes in various styles of dance; the multidimensional principals of Yoga, practice and theory; various styles of martial arts; and classes in other somatic studies. Students may receive a minor in Dance and Movement studies or take classes of teach class in the community as well as at the college.
I became a seeker in 1972 during my first year of law school in Chicago. A friend left Yoga in Eight Days on my living room table,I was exposed to Ram Das and Be Here Now and saw video clips of many of the Gurus including Swami Muktananda. At this time I experienced for the first time being grounded and centered in an opening heart and a still mind. A longing that I had felt for quite a while started to make itself known. I was blown away by the possibility of having more of this experiencing in my life.
With the upsurge of this longing my first true Life Teacher showed up. His name was Kim On Wong and he was a Chang Buddhist Monk doing daily movement classes, sitting around his kitchen table, being himself. This relationship lasted 7 years and was at the heart of an investigation of the Arts, especially dance, Meditation, Relationship, Mysticism, Healing and Yoga. Eventually we formed a studio setting for movement classes where I also taught until he he told me "Go".

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