James Travers-Murison

Grafton NSW

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I started yoga at university in 1985. Revisited it in 1991 through Yogananda. Then did a lot of training in India with Osho and Sivananda including Tantric Sex. I also learned Buddhist Meditation through Goenke and Tibetans. After 2 years in India I returned to Australia. Continued practice with Siddha Yoga, Satyananda, and ISKCON. Living in there ashrams. I began teaching about 2000 and also doing rawfoods. Returning many times to India, I progressed in Ashtanga yoga and meditation at many ashrams including Amma and Auroville. My approach is integral and holistic using an Ascension system to make a complete person through posture, breath, diet and meditation. The UOCA retreat for one week offers an intensive blissful experience in opening the student up to who they are.

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