Jamie Hanson

San Clemente, CA
United States

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Jamie, a life-long athlete, found yoga while living in Guatemala. As a marathon runner, she battled many injuries and this is what brought her to yoga. What began as a way to heal her body soon became a way of life. Yoga brought a new freedom to Jamie's body. Many of the aches and pains started to alleviate and to her surprise she became much stronger. But, the freedom yoga brought was not only in the body. It allowed Jamie space to slow down her overly active mind and lifestyle. Yoga completely transformed the way that she related to others and most importantly how she related to herself. The physical practice of yoga helped relieve the tension built up in her body and created more space to engage with others from a place of empathy and compassion rather than a place of reactivity. After feeling all of these benefits in her own life Jamie felt the desire to share yoga with others.

Jamie became a registered yoga teacher in 2009 and since then has studied with many different teachers including Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, and Julian Walker. She considers herself a life-long student and craves learning in all areas of her life. Jamie is a certified prenatal teacher and feels passionate about bringing the power of yoga to women in their journey into motherhood and beyond. In 2014, she created the Empowered Yoga Teacher Training, a 200-hour Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. This unique training incorporates issues of inclusivity, social justice and trauma-sensitive approaches to teaching asana. She is also a founding member of the OC Yoga Connection and a leader for Off the Mat, Into the World.

Jamie's classes focus on safety and alignment, while teaching with a trauma informed approach. She believes in an integrative, embodied practice connecting the mind and the body. Students leave her class feeling strong, invigorated, and restored.

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