Jamie Manser

Morristown, NJ
United States

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A severe shoulder in 2013 ended my swimming career after narrowly missing the 2012 Swimming Olympic Trials. I had allowed this activity to become my identity, and without it I was struggling to find myself. I began looking for a new physical activity that would be both physically and mentally challenging, but fit within the needs of my body. I started doing Power Yoga, and for a long time my ego was always front and center. Once I allowed my competitive guard to diffuse, I was able to experience all of the benefits that the practice had to offer. I have learned to accept the things I can't do and embrace the things I can, while remembering that there is no end goal or expectation.

I am always impressed by the power of listening to our bodies. When teaching I emphasize that we want the poses fit the needs of our body, not the other way around. My sequencing has an emphasis on shoulder stability and core strength, however, adaptability based on each individual is my priority. Feel free to reach out to me with questions or just to share your story at


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