Jamie Stoute

Ozarks, MO
United States

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Hello, my name is Jamie. I began life in Texas & California, relocated to the Ozarks, and graduated from MSU, Springfield, MO with a BS in Sociology. For the LOVE of people and helping others. I have four amazing children, whom keep me strong and vital, allowing me to have the ultimate joy as a mother. They all make me proud everyday! I have always kept the mindset to be healthy, through various forms of healthy eating and exercise. I discovered yoga through a difficult time in my life, as it transformed/rejuvenated me, providing hope, when I felt lost.

Embracing yoga has become a life long love and obsession with 16 years of experience and it was love at first feel! I am now a certified instructor under the Yogafit system and working towards Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga certification. I am extremely passionate about fitness, of all types! Yoga will always be my main focus. I believe whole heartedly in the physical strength, and personal growth that can come from this empowering practice of Yoga.

I am honored to share the knowledge that I have gained from amazing teachers along my own personal journey. Seeing existing students, family and friends find positive results from taking YOGA classes, has truly caused more joy and dedication to share my practice! I love fitness of mind, body and spirit, and love to see it thrive! Look forward to sharing my practice and knowledge to .


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