Jan Autry

Columbia, SC
United States
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My background includes many high stress positions primarily in real estate sales and multifamily real estate management. In 2001 I dragged myself into a yoga class. The first class changed my life. I continued to practice finding more and more benefits. I'm so grateful to yoga for teaching me to manage stress and the pain of osteoarthritis. In 2007 I began my yoga education to share my passion. I achieved my certifications through Yogafit, and currently hold an E-RYT 200. I'm registered with Yoga Alliance. My preferred style of yoga is Vinyasa Flow as it is designed to generate heat, strength, flexibility, balance, mindfulness, and an overall feeling of ahhh! My class is for everyone at any level of fitness.


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

23 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Jan recommends Jan!

It is a joy to practice yoga with Jan. She has a very calm and friendly demeanor, which helps us to relax and enjoy the class even more. She also gives options to make people of any ability level feel that they can participate with no pressure or judgement. She frequently shares tips and thought provoking passages with us from time to time, which is very cool. I highly recommend her class!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I've never practiced yoga before and I have to say Jan works us good but she is so much fun - the hour flies by!!!

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Rays of Sunshine

Very oriented to the particular class and who is participating that day. always upbeat and very encouraging to all levels in the class.

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Never too old

Appropriate demonstrations, but with explanations as to the purpose and expected results.Always asks permission to touch, but provided individual demonstrations when necessary. Always asks what we need or want to work on, but brings in the spiritual frequently to make sure all are getting the most out of each practice.

At age 70 had no idea I would be looking forward to yoga each week and experiencing very positive results. I love to show off for my family. Jan might be my new best friend.

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Excellent Instructor

Jan's style of teaching is nurturing, informative, motivating & always stress that the practice of Yoga is non-competitive.

She is a Superb teacher.

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I love going to Jan's class. She always asked the participants as to what they would like to focus on that day and she honored our request. Love the 'fluidity' when changing from one pose to another. I really miss attending her class!

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wonderful teacher

I am so glad that Jan was my first teacher. I was in her class for 6 years and
would be happy to practice with her again.

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Yoga in Fort Mill

Jan was one of the best instructors I have ever had. She was experienced and aware of the proper way to do each pose in a safe manner. She varied our practices so that it was always fun and challenging.

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We love her!

The members of Columbia Country Club eagerly await Jan's arrival every Thursday. She brings postures to challenge our bodies, yet always reminds us it is our body and not to overdue with our health issues. She is genuine, enthusiastic, and fosters our self esteem with confidence and views on our progress.
We love her!

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Jan is a real gem of a Yoga teacher.

Beginner or advanced practitioners will find Jan a superb teacher. She is extremely well trained and can teach a multilevel class with ease. She is extremely kind and generous of heart. Every student feels successful. I highly recommend her!

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My friend Jan

Jan was an excellent addition to our yoga program we had in our adult community. She was always available before or after class to answer any questions or show us the proper way to balance. Sweet, kind and caring and I miss her.

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former student of many years

Jan has been the biggest influence and best teacher I have ever had! She has taught me things that I can use to better my life! I wish she still taught in Charlotte! We all miss her! Thanks Jan for giving me the love of Yoga and improving my life with the knowledge you have given me! Love you!

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Excellent teacher

I took yoga classes with Jan for 3+ years in Fort Mill, SC and enjoyed every one of them. My class consisted of women 60+ yrs of age and were geared to our age group and our strengths and weaknesses. Our group went from having difficulty with the simplest movements to doing the more difficult bends, twists and stretches. Since moving to New Jersey, I have not found and instructor who is even close to the skill level of Jan Autry. Take her classes, I guarantee you will love them.

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Warm, friendly and experienced!

Jan would teach at our neighborhood clubhouse in Fort Mill, SC and we all loved her soothing approach. She always made the students feel comfortable and she had both men and women in her class. We miss her.

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Yoga by Jan Revew from Lori

I had never done Yoga before taking Jan's class, so I didn't know what to expect. Jan is so professional and informative, she really made it a great experience. Not to mention how good it makes you feel. I am totally hooked!

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Very serene experienced teacher.

I really liked the classes I took from Jan and wish she were still in my area so that I could take her classes again. Very soothing allowing us to get in to our "own" Yoga zone and very safety oriented about body mechanics.

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Superb yoga instructor.

Jan is a great instructor. She explains and demonstrates well and is very quick to provide extra assistance, if requested. She does not push anyone to do poses that may be painful. She has a great voice, it's very soothing. I love yoga with her.

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My favorite yoga instructor!

I went to Jan for 5 years before she moved to Columbia. She is the best yoga I have had! Her style is appropriately challenging and she comes up with fresh routines that always feel good. The poses flow well from one to the next and there is an appropriate balance of moves. She incorporates music and scented soy candles into the practice making it even more relaxing. I miss her and haven't found a new teacher yet that can take her place!

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Loved yoga classes with Jan!

I was a beginner when I started practicing yoga with Jan. I found her to be patient, helpful and kind. Jan worked with each class member's needs and challenged us at different levels based on our skills. Our class was very sorry to lose Jan as our yoga instructor when she left our community- Charlotte's loss was certainly Columbia's gain!

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Amazing Instructor!

Jan is a phenomenal instructor. She is a true believer in and facilitator of listening to your body and making each practice your own. Jan's practice has me doing poses I never thought I would be able to achieve. Her classes always finish with a wonderful feeling of peace, accomplishment, and energy.

Jan AutryApril 22, 2014
Thank you!

I sincerely appreciate you, your support, and this wonderful review!

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A Great Yoga Teacher

I am 63 years old and I have not practiced yoga in years. I was apprehensive about taking a class, but felt that it would be very good for my overall health to give it a try. I feel that Jan's biggest asset as a teacher is her ability to make you feel comfortable as a beginner and how she has encouraged everyone to go at there own speed. She is very concerned that we do not over do, but she is able to work with both beginners and experienced students I strongly agree with every point on the rating list above. Jan has given me the confidence to keep trying. Thank you Jan for sharing your knowledge with a very eager student.

Jan AutryOctober 30, 2013
Thank You

What a wonderful review! I thank you so much. You are such a pleasure!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
My experience

Very wonderful instructor ,completely knowledgeable ,and experienced. A truly enjoyable class .

Jan AutryOctober 25, 2013
You're The Best

Thank you!