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My personal mantra is 'Know your body. Know your mind. Know your spirit.' I want my classes to be a total immersion in the ancient principles of Ashtanga and Hatha yoga in the knowledge that only through forming a union of all three principles can we find health, happiness, vitality and spiritual growth. I combine asanas with pranayama, mudras, chanting and chakra balancing. I also include the principles of mindful meditation and mindfulness in motion in the form of Qigong-style energy work. More than anything I want my lessons to be fun, life enhancing, friendship forming and spiritually inspiring.

I have practised Hatha yoga for over twenty years and I decided seven years ago to take a Yoga Teacher Training in Sri Lanka at Rukshan Yoga with the amazing Yogi Chanaka Rukshan. Since then I have studied Astanga yoga in India and Yin Yoga with a Croatian teacher. I have practised and taught Qigong for more than ten years. I am also an artist and run my art gallery in the beautiful Croatian resort of Rovinj. We practise our yoga and meditation outdoors either in the amazing cedar tree parkland or overlooking the beautiful waters of the Adriatic sea.

I have been facilitating Meditation sessions for some time and teach at Yomad, the Rovinj Yoga , Music and Dance festival.

In the winter months I have been teaching at Rukshan Yoga, Sri Lanka.

Although I have been a Buddhist for over 25 years and practise daily meditation, I do not impose my beliefs and enjoy encouraging diversity. Our vitality lies in our differences; our knowledge and wisdom lie in acceptance and experimentation and thus my yoga is a combination of several styles and I try to shape this to my students' needs on a lesson-to-lesson basis. Do not be afraid to come along if you are a beginner; we all were once!

All lessons are outdoors so please contact me at Atelier Sottomuro, Vrata pod Zidom 2, or tel. or text me on 00385(0)917329164 or email me at for exact locations.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

14 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Joy and Harmony

Jan radiates joy and harmony, helping you feel joyful in yourself and set your mind and body in harmony. She is very responsive to the needs, desires, and ability of the students in the class, adjusting the practice accordingly, which is a very refreshing and satisfying approach. I recommend her highly!

Jan EjsymonttOctober 24, 2017
Joy and Harmony

It was a great pleasure to have you on the retreat Adri; your own joyful disposition and lovely contributions to the group were all a part of making that weekend so special. Let's do it again!

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Slow and nice wake-up yoga in Rovinj

We had a great early morning yoga at the church with the bells marking the end of the beginning meditation. Just lovely. A nice and gentle yoga practice with focus both on mudras, pranayamas, asanas and bandhas. Slow, friendly and gentle guiding.

Jan EjsymonttJuly 14, 2017
Slow and nice wake-up yoga in Rovinj

Thank you Miriam for the nice review, it was a pleasure to have you and Frank in the class today. I do hope you will be back next year. I am planning a short retreat in October, probably for four days. Please let me know if you may be interested. I have put the photo of the class that I took this morning on my Facebook page. Jhana Yoga: Wisdom Yoga. Namaste. Jan.

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A yoga lesson filled with joy

I had only one lesson with her in Sri Lanka, but was very nice, she put in yoga practice her personal joyful energy and is very attentive to students abilities and problems. Never missing useful suggestion and clear explaining followed by a fun friendly word but this isn't meaning she is not spiritual at the same time, she is, but with a powerful smile. I'm sure we'll meet again Jan! Thank you.

Jan EjsymonttMarch 15, 2017
A yoga lesson filled with joy.

It is an honour to receive such a lovely review Katia. Thankyou. Joy is infectious and I can only respond to the lovely smiles of those in the classes. Thankyou for your gracious and happy presence. Hope we can meet up again in Sri Lanka or Croatia.

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rovinj, 8am, no place we’d rather be

Thank you, jan, for beautifully enriching our trip to rovinj in september! by combining different yoga-, breathing- and meditation techniques and by choosing the perfect outdoor location in front of st. euphemia church with a wonderful view over the adriatic sea, you and your warm-hearted way of being made us feel the beauty of the present moment. We’d love to return one day and find you there again for another mindful lesson.

Jan EjsymonttOctober 14, 2016
roving 8am., no place we'd rather be.

What a wonderful title for your review. Thank YOU Judith for your beautiful presence in my classes, it was a great pleasure to have you there. Yes, we must meet up again for more yoga, mindfulness and fun! Namaste. Jan X

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Lovely way to start the day

My favorite way to start the day when I am in Rovinj: in the morning fresh air, with the Adriatic sea on one side and the cathedral at the pinnacle of the town on the other side and Jan leading the session. Jan combines hatha yoga with meditation and breathing exercises...refreshes the body, mind, and soul. Suitable for all levels.

Jan EjsymonttOctober 4, 2016
Lovely way to start the day

Thank you for the review Carole. It has been a great pleasure to have you in our classes throughout the summer.

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Magical place and wonderful teacher!

Jan was very very gentle and understanding of everyone who was attending her class. She could easily adjust to your needs, as a begginer or advanced. I loved how she would start each class with meditation and then ringing of the bells of Church St. Euphemia would start, I could feel the vibrations through my whole body, waking me up for the practice. I stayed in Rovinj for the whole summer, and doing yoga with Jan made me very happy, healthy and positive!

Jan EjsymonttSeptember 26, 2016
Magical place....

Valentina, it was a great pleasure to have you regularly in my classes throughout the summer. Your warmth, your smiling face and your dedication to our practise was very fulfilling for me as a teacher. Thank you also for inviting your delightful friends; it was a great pleasure to be surrounded by them and your lovely family. Thank you. Namaste. Jan

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A beginner's dream....

I have NEVER done yoga-- and I am SO glad I attended this class during my vacation in Rovinj! I found Jan a joy to be near; her energy exudess peace. She watched me, a newbie, with experienced yoga students, yet I never felt out of place. The location ofthe class, the lawn below the bell tower of St Eufemia Cathedral, was exhilerating as the morning bells tolled and we soaked in the vibrations. This expereince was remarkable- thank you Jan!

Jan EjsymonttSeptember 2, 2016
A beginner's dream....

Thank you for this wonderful review Kate; it was an enormous pleasure to have you in the class with your smiling face, your enthusiasm and YOUR lovely energy. Namaste. Jan

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The highlight of our vacation in Rovinj!

luckily we got the Information about the morning-yoga class with Jan right at the beginning of our Holiday in Rovinj. The Location right next to the church with ocean-view is great and the yoga-class with her is really great too!

Jan EjsymonttAugust 31, 2016
The highlight of our vacation

Susanne, thank you so much for this fine review; it was an honour to have you both in my classes and to know that our early mornings together were an important part of your holiday. I really enjoyed you being there, I hope we will meet again. Namaste. Jan

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Beautiful start into a new day!

I was on holiday in Roving an Jan's class made me get up at 6:45am in the morning, because it was so beautiful. I love to practice outside and to feel the nature with all my senses. Jan was the perfect teacher for me. I'd love to have a teacher like her in Zurich!

Jan EjsymonttAugust 1, 2016
Beautiful start into a new day

Hello Nicole, thank you for the very nice review; it was also a great pleasure to have you in the group for a few days. I appreciated, very much your warm response and lovely smile. Maybe one day we can organise a yoga retreat with your friends somewhere in Switzerland. Namaste. Jan

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I bumped into Jan in her beautiful gallery and we had a good chat. I asked about a yoga sign outside her studio and she invited me to join her early morning class outdoors by the church. She said her class is more spiritual and lucky for me I lean toward that in my own yoga practice and teaching. Jan creates a perfect mood, setting and energy in her class. I felt taken away from the world yet fully grounded at the same time. I only had time for one class with Jan due to our travels but I wish I had more. I hope our cosmic paths cross again! I highly recommend her class to all travelers.

Jan EjsymonttJuly 26, 2016

Thank you for the wonderful review Trish. It is such an honour when another teacher has enjoyed a lesson; we must all keep learning from each other and spiral out that knowledge. Namaste.

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Chakra balancing and more

I have been practicing yoga for a long time and what I look for in a yoga class is a good balance and integration between the physical asanas and spiritual understanding. Jan's yoga class was like that. She has a holistic approach and the class was inspiring and deeply satisfying. I particularly liked the chakra balancing that she finished her class with. Namaste.

Jan EjsymonttMay 13, 2016
Chakra balancing and more.

Thank you Darinka for this lovely review. It is equally satisfying for me to know that you enjoyed the class. I hope you are back for more!

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Amazing flow by the sea

I recently stumbled upon Jan's yoga classes during while on holiday in Rovinj. I could not recommend her more highly. Jan has a deep intuition as a yoga teacher which enables her to maintain a beautiful flow in her classes, while catering to any individual needs. Her teaching is extremely authentic, and as much grounded in the spiritual aspect of the practice as the physical. What a wonderful way her classes were to start each day of my holiday … Thank you Jan!

Jan EjsymonttMay 10, 2016
Amazing flow by the sea.

A Thousand Kisses Deep. X

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Generous in her teaching

Jan is a great teacher, she has a very calm and relaxing voice. I really enjoyed these yoga classes and I am feeling much better because of them. Jan is an inspired teacher and I am very thankful to her, to bringing me deeper into knowledge of yoga. I have a great respect for Jan and the way she teaches, she is a super friendly and it is joy practicing yoga with her. Highly recommended.