Jan Morgan

Ottawa, ON

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Yoga that is student-centered, breath-focused and brimming with authenticity and heart.

With more than 700 yoga-teaching-hours and more than 800 yoga-teacher-training-hours, Jan Morgan offers yoga practice from a humble and a powerful experience of a yoga tradition without dogma or judgement.


In 2006, a 3-day workshop introduced yoga to Jan as a tailored, daily practice to take home. This experience was the first time she had actually enjoyed doing yoga and actually noticed something good about the after-effect. She looked forward to each morning session at home; because it was relevant to her personally, and because it felt right. It set the day up so differently. so well. Over the next little while, Jan noticed having more clarity as well as insight. More sense of the potential in this self-care and, in this progress.


575 hours in the lineage of Desikachar (yoga as appropriate to each individual and ideally: one-to-one).

200 hours locally at Adi Shesha in Ottawa.

105 hours with master teachers including Todd Norian and Rod Stryker

40 hours of Trauma Informed Yoga with Bessel van der Kolk, David Emerson and Jenn Turner


RYT 500 - Yoga Alliance


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