Jana Cupp

Irvine, CA
United States

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I have walked the road less traveled and learned many life lessons the hard way – by first-hand experience. I spent too many years in an abusive relationship at a critical point in my life, but I was able to leave and start rebuilding my life.

Since that day of freedom, I have forged ahead to transform my life from the inside out. I have gone on to fight in the criminal, DV and family court systems in California for justice and safety. I have parented my 2 young children through their own challenging journeys. I continued to grow in my career professionally and earned accolades, promotions and raises. I dated, fell madly in love, and built an amazing healthy relationship with the love of my life. I fought PTSD, depression and anxiety. I committed to my own physical health and lost 35 pounds I was needlessly caring around. I became a runner, a half marathon finisher, a pole dancer, a yogi, a cyclist – an athlete. I learned to love myself fiercely. I practiced forgiveness until it became a ritual. I found my own ground and I learned to thrive.

I want to take the worst moments of my life and share the best lessons with you so that you too can live empowered. I will share with you how I have developed resilience to overcome any obstacle. I will show you how I made a new identity for myself. I will teach you how to make lasting changes that will help you thrive.


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