Jana Hill

camano island, WA
United States

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I am currently taking a hiatus from yoga-teaching: any upcoming classes will be listed on my Bennu Yoga dot com site. I maintain a connection to my original yoga-site, Stanwood Swim & Fitness.

I have a goal to develop a new career-path, in physical therapy, and am focusing my energies on that.

I have been practicing yoga since 1998 and certified to teach in 2012, through Pacific Yoga in Seattle. My teaching-style draws on trainings with Theresa Elliott, as well as my own yoga instructor (she teaches only private sessions and prefers to remain anonymous, in public settings). The writings and workshops by Judith Lasater have also helped to shape my practice in both teaching and yoga itself. In 2018, I've begun practicing with a few YouTube classes to motivate me: Travis Elliott, Yoga with Adriene.

My style is alignment-based but always in movement. Flow is medicine.

I find a way to flow every class, meaning that the poses tend to string together. We rarely stop to set things up, and I try not to say too much as we move. All yoga can contribute to functional everyday movement, so when the flow is safe and alignment-aware, it contributes to how life works.

I train regularly and all are listed, on my Yoga Alliance profile. I may teach a regular class again, eventually, but for now I'm focused on the present: that includes some study-time, in preparation for a retraining program.



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