Jana Sieswerda

Millis, MA
United States

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I started my Yoga journey with Yoga Chikitsa, Shiatsu - acupressure, Acupuncture, Thai Yoga & nutrition. My deep medical studies enrichen my practice with a great understanding of therapeutic alignment, helping my students to bring their Yoga to a deeper, advance level in order to build core strength, and learn how to listen to their's body signals in order to turn-up or turn-down the Yoga, if they have any injuries. I'm grateful, that I found Yoga in my life, hence it provided me great support in times, when my health wasn't too good, thought me that there is a time for Yang - energizing flow, as well as Yin - calming Hatha, supporting the nervous system & find the peace & mainly joy within myself. And now I'm glad to offer these time-tested Yoga benefits also in the US combined with Iyengar style & assist my students with homeopathic - autopatic advises, when they reach out to me for help. Yoga is a life- long practice, getting better with the years. Plant the seed & let's harvest the benefits together.