Jana Toepfer

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Jana is originally from the North Coast of Germany and has lived and studied yoga in bustling places such as Berlin and LA.
As for so many of us, the practice of yoga has turned her life upside down and has brought truth, clarity and acceptance. She loves playing with yoga in its various forms.

Mainly influenced by years of practicing Anusara yoga and completing her teacher trainings (RYT 200) in this style, she makes yoga very accessible and playful on and off the mat with adequate sessions for any level. She has taught yoga in various studios in Berlin, Bali and Costa Rica, and now teaches and hosts retreats in her chosen home base in the South of Portugal to share her passion for surfing and the beauty of nature and the ocean.

When you come to Jana's classes you will feel a very warm and welcoming atmosphere in the room. It is her intention to give everyone space to explore sensations of body and mind and filling up with joy. You truly dive into your inner world. She shares her deep curiosity and questions for this world and initiates the quest for truth. Her retreats integrate the love for the ocean and the appreciation for being present and aware in body and mind.

"I love: The ocean. Walks in stormy weather. Funky music and psychedelic 60ies sounds. Surfing longboards. Sitting and breathing. Sweet potatoes. Coconuts. utthita parsvakonasana, simple as that.
I love Yoga for: grounding. Being present. Feeling my body. Trusting and remembering."


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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