Jana Webb

Toronto, ON

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Jana Webb is the Founder and CEO of The Joga Company.

What is the Joga System?

- Joga is a system of movement that is designed to improve athletic ability by educating athletes on how to move kinetically, how to syndicate and integrate core and breath throughout movement patterns, and how to use breath to elicit relaxation and regulate sleep patterns
- The design of the system replicates cadence and biomechanics of movement in sports and showcases where common injuries take place during movement-> Injuries happen in movement, so the long holds that we find in traditional yoga don’t necessarily make sense athletically
- The system is NOT designed to make athletes more flexible, it designed to balance the body in terms of strength and flexibility-> Athletes need to be tight to some degree for their explosive movements and not too flexible so that they come out flat

How does the Joga System benefit athletes?

- Joga exposes where your deficiencies/weakness are then gives you the tools to turn these weaknesses’ into strengths
- The system is designed to rebuild the muscular imbalances that are caused from overuse, repetition and injury
- Once these imbalances are corrected, the body is able to move more efficiently, increasing performance and agility, while at the same time reducing chance of injury because the body is not over compensating
- Benchmark postures are infiltrated throughout the program so athletes and athletic coaches can measure success
- As we realign the body and create proper posture we can increase VO2 by up to 20 percent -> These stats enable athletes to have more endurance and quicker recovery
- The system educates athletes how to integrated breath mechanics and core mechanics; Inspiring all movements to be powered simultaneously by the core and breath
- The intention is to practice these Joga movements repeatedly so new muscle memories are created that will become innate movement patterns that can be applied to sport
- Different breathing techniques can be used to balance sympathetic and Para- sympathetic nerve patterns (right/left brain), so athletes have the opportunity to come down from the physical, mental and emotional stress that strides besides being an athlete enabling them to relax, recover and return to normal sleep patterns


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