Jane Corben

Jindabyne NSW

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After 30 years of practice, extensive global yoga explorations & various trainings Jane has absorbed the wisdom of many, to lead her to an evolving, creative & balanced style of teaching yoga. Jane’s major inspirations come from the Ashtanga, Vinyasa & Yin lineages.
Discovering the freedom in the contemporary flow styles, their connection between breath, mind & body and the power of the practice to affect all facets of your life, sparked Jane to share the simplicity & sophistication of this ancient way of living with a modern transformation in her community.
Her classes have a strong breath focus, using this asset to find balance, freedom, strength, integrity, lightness, humour, meaning & music in the practice & hence within ourselves. The fluidity of the flow interspersed with the sweetness of the stillness creates an inspiring experience. Students are encouraged to honour where they are at but to also explore where they may go, challenging their existing habitual reactions to life.


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