Jane DiCola

St. Thomas VI
U.S. Virgin Islands
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Jane has been a 24-year resident. A dancer since the age of five, I have always sought and embraced movement & the expression of joy through my physical body. During the last six years, I've taught a variety of Fitness modalities in private and group settings including SPIN, , ZUMBA and YOGA & taken these practices into retreats. I've been a student of yoga for many years, and will forever, be one. I'm passionate about sharing the science and wisdom that is YOGA. Everything I've learned and taught has brought me to this place & enabled me to discover my Dharma. SO grateful!

My goal, as a teacher is, and always will be, to help others reach their optimum wellness; restore balance & find peace and happiness within. In other words, to live life from our true nature. The practice of Yoga brings you to this place every time you roll out your mat - whether it's for a challenging or gentle Asana practice, a Pranayama practice, or an exquisite meditation practice. It matters not WHAT you do, it matters that you're taking time to BE in the present moment. And in the BE-ing, you will be invited to explore & question the nature of things & find the pathway to your essential goodness, your true nature. Whatever gets you


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Excellent teacher

Jane is an excellent yoga guide for novices as well as experienced yogis. She has a lovely vibe.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

What a treat to practice yoga with Jane. She is a fabulous instructor for all yogis whether new or experienced. There always is a great feeling of love and spirituality regardless of the different beliefs in the class. Taking her class is a MUST if you are searching for one that will open all areas and give you a sense of peace. Namaste.