Jane Hardcastle

Christchurch E9
New Zealand

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Dr Jane Hardcastle is an authorised level 2 Hansa Yoga Therapist providing an individualised approach to identify and address both postural and behavioural imbalances and/or habits that impact on functional movement & effective, easeful breathing. Yoga therapy can also assist those with existing health issues to minimise or eliminate pain, discomfort or restrictions in order to move well, move often and achieve optimal wellbeing. She is passionate about teaching, learning, health, wellness and personal development and, as a registered nurse and experienced teacher, Jane is able to use knowledge of medicine, health care and adult education to enable students to better understand their bodies, health and personal wellness.

Jane has studied yoga with esteemed teachers such as Vincent Boletta, Leila Stuart, Donna Farhi, Lisa Petersen, Neal Goshal, Karla Brodie, John Ogilvie, Peter Clifford, Swami Layananda Saraswati and the iRest institute.

Jane has also studied pilates, Franklin method, Hanna Somatics and developmental movement therapies with Polestar NZ and international specialists.


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