Jane Hardcastle

Christchurch E9
New Zealand

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Jane is passionate about teaching, learning, health, wellness and personal development. She is a registered nurse and has taught practising nurses for many years.
Jane has studied education at Master’s and Doctoral level and is able to utilise her knowledge of adult learning, health and wellness in her yoga & pilates teaching practice.
Jane has studied yoga with esteemed teachers such as Donna Farhi, Lisa Petersen, Neal Goshal, Leila Stewart, Karla Brodie, John Ogilvie, Peter Clifford & Swami Layananda Saraswati and is passionate about self learning & development in yoga studies.

Jane has also studied pilates with Polestar NZ, Tania Huddart and local mentors Abbey Parsons & Melanie Orr.

Jane has a particular interest in spinal health and core stability in yoga and pilates.


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