Jane Sheepdrove

West Berkshire
United Kingdom

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I tried my first yoga class out as a extra soft fitness option when training for the London Marathon - boy was that Iyengar class with June Whittaker not a soft option! When June left London to live in France with Christian Pisano I started lessons with June's first yoga teacher, Mira Mehta who has written numerous books including the Iyengar Way. Since moving out of London I have continued to attend courses regularly through the year with Mira and also when possible with June and Christian. I completed my teacher training with Mira at her school in London called the Yogic Path.

My classes, like yoga, are for everyone! To be enjoyed and relished - there is a lot of laughter as well as quiet, restorative down time.

My teaching follows the Iyengar method, which is known worldwide for its safe, progressive instruction in a wide range of postures and breath control techniques. Based on detailed, accurate knowledge, the method is also known for its efficacy in treating health problems through Yoga.

Classes are fully equipped and from June 2016 will be in the newly built Yoga Shack in the garden with a Yoga Wall.

Classes are paid in blocks of 4 in advance although you may join a class at any time.


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