Janel DuRoss

Hoboken, NJ
United States
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I'm inspired by movement and how the body works - it's an incredible machine. I'm psyched when my students tell me they are sore, but a good sore from yoga class….and the experience of (renewed) body awareness through thai bodywork. Most of my students are surprised to learn about their bodies, especially when it comes to limited mobility and deep relaxation. From my years of practice as a yoga teacher and thai bodywork, I believe these two modalities compliment each other.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

9 Reviews

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I will follow Janel to the ends of the earth

I have practiced yoga with Janel for several years. She was my introduction to yoga through her "seniors" class and helped me get in touch with myself, body and soul.
I have taken her core class (challenging), Himalayan sound bath, restorative, and meditation classes. I have participated in her acro yoga (wow) sessions. I have experienced her thai bodywork.
All I can say is, I'll follow her anywhere. Yoga with Janel isn't so much a workout as a body and mind experience.

Janel DuRossMay 23, 2018
Grateful for you!

Karol, thanks so much for the wonderful review! I love your spirit, energy and fun vibe in all my classes!! Sending you much appreciation : ) Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

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Janel helps to adjust your posture and is very hands on which helps you to get the most out of you poses. Wonderful experience and quite different than any other yoga teacher, she started the class by saying we were all her teammates and by the end I felt as though she treats her class exactly in that way

Janel DuRossMarch 25, 2016

Erica, thanks so much for posting your yoga experience with me! It means a lot to me : ) I'm so happy you enjoyed class and my teaching style. I hope to see you again very soon. Namaste, Janel

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Fantastic & kind yoga instructor!

What I look forward to most with Janel's class is that I can always expect a healthy challenge! One thing I realized in a recent class is that I have learned more in just a few classes from her than I have in previous classes I've taken over the years. She is very concerned with the integrity of the poses and has a perfect balance of instruction vs demonstration as well as knowing when to intervene and adjust people within their poses. I never feel silly asking a question during class to improve myself, or staying within a beginner level for some of the more challenging positions. Janel is encouraging and makes me want to be a better yogi!

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Janel is, by far, the best!

Janel takes teaching yoga seriously. She is amazing!

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Wonderful teacher

Janel is an excellent instructor. As a new yogi, Janel has helped me to adjust and improve my poses, integrate breathing into my flow, strengthen my core and be more comfortable with myself and with others. In beginner and intermediate classes, we are encouraged to fall, to smile and to collaborate. What might have seemed out of my comfort zone a few months ago is now a part of my practice and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with Janel.

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Janel has opened my eyes to how beautiful yoga is. She is very hands on with her yogis and always looking to make sure you learn the correct form of each pose from the start. I highly recommend her for anybody who is looking into yoga.

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Janel is a great teacher with a soothing voice who inspires me weekly in her yoga classes. Not only do I feel stronger, but Janel has the ability to inspire me to try new things supporting me the entire way!

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Fundamentals make progress easy

Janel is wonderful in many ways. Something she does exceptionally well is to guide you into the correct alignment from the beginning if the pose. Her instructions are clear and don't rely on your flexibility. I consistently end up in poses I hadn't achieved before.

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Review for Janel

Janel is a very knowledgable and helpful teacher. She truly cares about her students and is always looking to help where needed. Her classes are a great workout, and certain poses are thoroughly explained, especially if you are new to yogs.