Janet Branscombe

West Sussex
United Kingdom

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I provide a structure and guide and instruct in a way that enables the creativity of the individual space to discover for themselves their own connections in their minds and bodies through their yoga. I specialise in working one to one.

I have practiced yoga for many years. I first came across yoga inspired by Vanda Scaravell when I went to Marc Woolford's classes and retreats. Through him I was introduced to Diane Long and Sophie Hoare who were both students of Vanda Scaravelli. My regular teachers are now Gary Carter, Dot Bowen, and Peter Blackaby

Yoga is a way for me to become deeply connected to myself without the usual deafening chatter of a distracted mind. Through attending to my body I quieten my mind, emotional disturbance is lessened and tension released. My psychotherapy training and experience brings much to my yoga in looking at the whole person and creating the conditions that allow people to be open to themselves, to examine patterns and habits of belief and being, physically and emotionally, and intellectually. The aim is that participants will be able to begin to learn new ways of being with themselves.


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