Janet Rae Humphrey

Scottsdale, AZ
United States
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My greatest pleasure is watching my students improve their strength, flexibility, mobility, endurance, self-image, and peace of mind. I use my training in Hatha Yoga, anatomy, therapeutic yoga, and Teaching Yoga to Seniors, as well as my 20 years of experience in medical research, to lead my students to a more active and fulfilling life. All ages are welcome, 10 through 100, as are all levels of ability and mobility.

I specialize in teaching older adults, people with health-conditions and therapeutic yoga. My students are amazed at their increased strength, flexibility, improved posture and decrease of pain. I would love to work with you. Give me a call today.

I wrote and published a 394-page book, Age Without Limits. This book is for both seniors and yoga teachers. Over 200 chair and standing yoga poses for every part of the body are explained step-by-step with detailed pictures. You will learn safety precautions, breathing, meditation and find many resources for more information. Thirty-five of my students ages 63 to 95 tell their yoga stories and illustrate their favorite poses. You may buy the book from me or from Amazon.

I have wonderful classes designed for seniors and those with health-conditions. No one is too old, too weak, too achy, not to benefit from coming to class. Check my schedule for more information.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Great on the small but important details

Good at explaining the small details, very friendly and welcoming.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Janet is extremely helpful and manages to work with each of us students to promulgate her knowledge in accordance with our individual needs. I do enjoy her classes and participate as much as my life allows.
Of course this is 'my genuine opinion'...why else would I take time to author it
Del Bartosch
age 74
Scottsdale AZ

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Inspiring and Knowledgable Teacher! Embodiment of Grace!

I am honored to write a review for Janet.
She is constantly studying to hone her skills as a teacher. However, I would call her an more of an educator with qualities of compassion and empathy for her students and friends, as well as her advanced knowledge of alignment, biomechanics and therapeutics.
She has a wonderful sense of humor.
She will stay late to help someone who needs her.
Her students range in age from teens to the 90s---and she can sometimes have this range in her class all together. And everyone enjoys the class with perfect instructions!
She is eager to support and help other teachers.
Janet is an inspiration to us all.

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Excellent teacher

Janet is a great teacher for all of the reasons indicated above. Additionally, it is clear that she really enjoys teaching and prepares each class thoughtfully. Her creativity and energy in teaching is very positive. She is sensitive to any physical limitations a student may have and makes adjustments to poses for them accordingly. The low grade on spiritual focus is because she teaches students with diverse beliefs and doesn't want to infringe on anyone's personal spiritual practice. She does, however, have themes for each class and often reads positive and thought-provoking quotations at the end of her classes. I have always found them to be another positive element of her teaching.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Janet is very passionate about bring the benefits of yoga to her students. I wish you had a rating above "strongly agree" for the statements about offers adjustments and cares about injuries, because she would earn that higher rating. She has helped me make adjustments for a chronic wrist injury, and I've learned new things from her about poses I've been doing for years. I highly recommend her as a yoga instructor.