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Hello, My name is Janice.
My Journey on becoming a Yogateacher started in 2011. But Yoga have choosen me in a time when I have lost all hope on recovering from a autoimmune disease called Sarcoïdose. I strongly refused to take any medication that I knew would make me more sicker than I already was.
I started doing poses that felt good to my body not knowing these were called asanas and so home yoga practise was born. After a while I learned to cope with my joined and muscle pain. I gained my focus back and wasn’t tired that much, my body strength and energy grew more and more each day. I learned a new way of breathing and my chest pain reduced.
I had my monthly check up and on my x-ray showed reduced infection in my lungs. My pulmonoligst was very suprised and asked me what I did and with confident I told him I was doing Yoga. I too was suprised ofcourse cause when I saw my first x-ray it didn’t look good and could not be more happier seeing my body gained a much healthier inlook again.
I realised that the way I took back my strenght Is by believing that I could take back control of my life and body by having a positive outlook on life and learning how to love myself again. I must admit it wasn’t an easy ride cause I had severe panic attacks and feeling depressed when I was suffering from a burnout whilst my health condition went from a healthy young, always in the gym, kinda gall to a broken little bird not able to spread my wings nor sing my song. I know from personal experience how overwhelming, confusing and scary a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease can be. It took me a while to pick my self up and knowing I have the power to be me again, a better version of who I was.

To end my story on a positive note, this year I started my own small Yogabusiness called Yoganicelife > VirtueYoga.

Each week will be focusing on a Virtue such as Love, Courage, Strength, Faith, Perseverance and so on. By reflecting on a Virtue in what it truly means and how to practise it in to our postures, meditations and affirmations, and so into our daily life, you can raise consiousness in yourself and make these Virtue's come alive and aknowledge that we all have these positive qualities we can truly build on in how we can handle life in general. The postures in class consist of different types of Yoga styles and find their origin in the Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga or Dru Yoga. By combining Yoga and Virtue together you truly can feel the intensity and makes the comprehensive Yogafilosify more accesible. These treasures and often very difficult Yogafilosify or easily explained by using virtues that or very inspiring and speaks to the soul. You not only will leave yoga class feeling united with body mind and spirit but also united with your fellow class mates. Cause isn't that what Yoga is truly all about, to feel such an innerstrength and innerpeace to see that we all share the same light. By building a bridge infused with love, compassion and understanding, we can raise awareness in each other by speaking through the language of Virtue. May We All Be Blessed With Perseverance, Courage, and Faith In The Practise of Yoga.
Love & Light.

"I believe that we are blessed with the beautiful things the world has to offer. Living life open minded as a child, everything is a miracle! The power of joy, enthusiasm, optimism and an infectious laugh is a step closer to a life that succeeds. I see everything as an opportunity to grow on my inner path. I like to share my knowledge and insights in order to loosen others inspiration and life courage, to be yourself in full confidence and innerstrength".
Love Life and Life will Love you back.
Be blessed in Love & Light.

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Average: 4.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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HET moment voor mezelf van de week! De lessen zijn actief én ontspannend. En Janice is geweldig. - See more at: http://yoganicelife.nl/testimonials/#sthash.bnfjus3Q.dpuf

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars

A year and a half ago I have lost a lot of certainties in live which made me lose touch with myself. I felt powerless and lost because there where so many things around me changing which I had no influence on. In that period I came across Janice and I started virtues yoga. Through her lessons I got grip on my life and insight and inspiration to deal with the things that happened in my life. Virtues yoga helps you to see life in perspective, to come closer to yourself and to come back into balance. It has sparked my creativity and partly by Janice I started painting again. I can recommend it to everyone!

Janice KarijodimedjoOctober 13, 2014
Thank You Tamara _/|\_

Such an amazing soul you are Tamara, I believe great things will happen for you cause you have that spark. Let your light make way for better things to come.

Thank you so much.

Love & Light