Janice O'Brien

East Bridgewater, MA
United States

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Through the years, I've touched on many different genres of yoga, but none of them resonated the same as Svaroopa.
While attending the Whole Health Expo, I found myself drawn to a seminar on a silly-named yoga which I had never heard of. I sat and listened to the man speak of the wondrous changes that can happen to ones body by simply opening the spine. I had to experience this for myself! One class and I knew I was home and never going back. I had found my bliss!
Within a year, I began yoga teacher training, through Master Yoga, and shortly thereafter began teaching Svaroopa yoga classes myself. I continue to expand my repertoire of poses by attending numerous trainings each year.
I am also an Embodyment Yoga Therapist, Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist who often refers to myself as a spiritual seeker. I blend my knowledge and energies to provide a deeply relaxing and healing experience for my students.


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