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Travelinginyogapants since 09|2014

If we want our lives to change finding true fulfillment in all areas, we have to be willing to get uncomfortable from time to time. I know. I've been there. And I will go there again. But in the meantime, let's fall in love again madly with life, each other, ourselves and first and foremost this very moment.

Since Leaving Germany I have traveled to, lived and taught in:

New York City | Los Angeles (USA)
Mexico | Guatemala | Nicaragua | Honduras |
El Salvador | Costa Rica | Belize (Central America)
Sydney | Darwin (Australia)
Bali | Cambodia | Thailand | Singapore | Malaysia (Asia)

200 hr vinyasa yoga teacher YttP NYC

ocean girl | universe lover | coffee and peanut butter addict | anything coconut | gypset | slow travels | flower of life | space holder | human being | peaceful warrior | wanderlust | lover


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