Janine Michelle Croft

United Kingdom

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Director KUSH RA / Yoga Instructor
Forrest Yoga 200hr RYT, Chakra Yoga 300hr RYT
Janine practices yoga because it ignites her passion for life and helps her stay connected authentic self’.

Working in the city and across the globe as a program director for the last ten years, Janine is a dynamic and highly intuitive individual. 8 years ago an invitation from her best friend, lead Janine to her yoga mat. Having 30 years of dance experience she connected deeply to yoga and loved the release and connection that it gave her. After five years of practice Janine took her experience a step further and trained under Pyramid Yoga in Thailand. Learning the Science of Yoga from the Gitananda traditions, Janine gained a comprehensive understanding of the 8 limbs of yoga and how to work with the energy of the chakras for healing and personal development. In 2012 Janine also spent time studying Thai Massage, Reiki and Cranio Sacral Therapy. As with life, her yoga practice continues to evolve and in 2013 Janine trained with Ana Forrest.
Forrest Yoga training has a profound impact on Janine and her life, encouraging her desire to give others the opportunity to experience the gifts she receives through her practice. Janine has developed a deep understanding of the human psyche and body through yoga and she believes the Forrest yoga practice is key to teaching her daily alignment and how to ‘walk in beauty’ with herself and others.
To safely guide students through the physical practice of asana, breath and the movement of energy through the body. Janine aims to cultivate the student’s self-awareness, developing both their strength and flexibility as they connect to their body, their truth and their creative self.

Her classes place emphasizes on how to carry an intensely physical and transformative experience off the mat and into daily life.


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