Janine Trow

Cannonvale QLD

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I has always had a strong interest in health and well being from enjoying a sporty childhood and as a former competitive swimmer.
Missing the discipline and routine I had in my sporting days, I found had a natural passion to motivate friends to workout. This led me to choose my career in Fitness industry. This is where Early 2000's I Completed my Certs in Fitness.
However, after developing a painful lower back as a result of a bulging disc, I found I was unable to train in exercises I had known previously.

Also as Busy Mum with weak Pelvic issues, I Received valuable advice from a physio to try Pilates.
I found Pilates the perfect workout for strengthening my weakened core and building stability/strength in my knees, hips, and back.
I Love the challenge and enjoy the huge variety of Pilates classes.

My classes are alignment focused, dynamic and strong, with a deep connection to the breath and mind.

What I want for my clients is to experience the individual benefits for their body to leave them feeling strong yet light whilst having a great time.


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