Jann Tan Nery

Makati F2

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Jann was doing the regular routine of going to yoga classes, focusing on improving his asanas whether through a Vinayasa flow or a hot yoga class, until he stumbled into a Jivamukti Open Class by Nancy Siy because it was the only available class at that time. At first he was hesitant because of what somebody told him, that there would be some sort of chanting going on, and he thought it was some kind of a cult. Little did he know that what he thought was an accident or sheer coincidence was already the path that would change his life forever. It was the kind of yoga practice that he was searching and yearning for all along. He finally arrived home in Jivamukti Yoga.

Ever since then, chanting, meditation and study of yogic philosophies has been his favorite and ongoing practice, which he enjoy's sharing with his friends, colleagues and students. He still considers himself as a student because he believes that learning is a never-ending process. It is through conscious, consistent and continuous practice that we improve our lives so that we may also improve the lives of others.

Jann expresses his gratitude to all of his teachers and fellow Jivamukti Yoga teachers for continually inspiring him, most especially Sharon Gannon and David Life who have selflessly given the gift of Jivamukti Yoga for the world to experience, and for giving him the opportunity to be an instrument of their teachings.


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