Jannine Boshoff

Mossel Bay & Retreats on Garden Route
South Africa
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This is my absolute passion! To share with those who join in a class, that which I have learned and experienced through the practice of yoga. I have been practicing yoga from 2002 on and off till 2008 when I took on a more serious practice and in 2009 earned my certification through Africa Yoga School, an RYT200 certification, recognised by the International Yoga Alliance. From 2009 I have been teaching full time mainly in Mossel Bay and recently in Kleinbrakrivier and Dana Bay. The practice that is offered is designed and put together to suite from beginners to intermediate. I always consider the individual and take care through getting to know everyones needs and then to offer variations and support where needed. My classes are integrated and include mindfulness, pranayama and asana. I try to take part and complete a course or workshop where I can to keep my practice and teaching ability growing. I welcome anyone to a space that is warm and allowing.


Average: 4.4 of 5 stars

17 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
My best ever Yoga teacher

Jannine, it's always a pleasure to attend your classes. You have created a beautifully calm environment where I feel myself unwind as soon as I enter your studio door. You have a truly caring teaching style and are a treat to be around. I've been with many other instructors and you are by far my favorite.

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Thank you Jannine

I did a weekend retreat where Jannine was the teacher. What a wonderful experience, so many classes and every one was unique. Janine took us through movements in her calming voice, always explaining what we were doing and the benefit. Everybody felt comfortable regardless of their previous experience.
I felt so energized and yet I slept like a log. My body responded to a need - Jannine you are a gifted teacher.

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What a privilege

Janine is an amazing teacher with the calmest of voice soothing you through every position. She is consious of every persons strong and weaker points and professionally helps us all through it. I wish I could do yoga with her every day of my life.

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
yoga review - Jannine Boshoff

I have found Jannine to be very knowledgeable, friendly + supportive in her yoga instruction. She displays much detailed knowledge of the postures she teaches. Jannine gently manages a class of varied ability. I have thoroughly the classes that I have been able to attend.

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Makes you believe

I was cynical about yoga and its benefits until I attended Janine's class. I found her to be a perfect teacher that made me feel comfortable and wanting to partake and improve. Now I am totally convinced of the benefits and recommend all my friends to do it.

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Having done yoga for many years I am so happy being in Jannine's class.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Beginner Yoga Student

Jannine is passionate about what she does and is a very patient and kind person and teacher. Her standard is of high quality and I personally would recommend her. Her classes are very relaxed and comfortable and you leave feeling with life and spirit to carry on.

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Balanced Workout

Friendliness combined with a passion to help people of all ages to be the best they can be in yoga.
Janine balances her classes in theory and practice i.e. she explains the relevance of the movements and positions as well assist with individual soft adjustments. This allows every participant to gain the full benefit of the movement and posture.
The classes are relaxed and almost peaceful thereby promoting a sense of well-being after a harsh day at work.

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Lovely Yoga classes

I love Yoga but I never really found a teacher that does it with so much calmness and passion.
I only started a few weeks ago but I immediatly felt welcome.
I like the intense but slowly yoga Jannine teaches us. It is perfect for all ages.
A yoga class with Jannine is by far the best way to start or end your day :)

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Although I only started very recently with yoga, Jannine is in my eyes an excellent teacher. She is very patient, sympathetic and caring. She explains very well and motivates all the time. I wanted to give her 5 stars at the top, but the first star does not work.

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
Yoga retreat at Wilderness

I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat . I earned a LOT , I met interesting people , had lovely food and was greatly inspired .

I left , feeling centred , relaxed energised and in contact with myself - body and soul
I would gladly attend another retreat of this kind .

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A wonderful Teacher

Jannine is a wonderful yoga teacher. She is very spiritual, takes her time so that we understand everything, does not rush anything. She is always so pleasant and we just love her

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Jannine has been an inspiration on my yoga journey!

I found Jannine after years of promising to take up yoga! I was in a depressed state in a foreign country, looking after a hyperactive child whilst my husband works abroad. Through Jannine's guidance and teaching I have found my calm inner strength and connected to my neglected body. I feel revitalized and youthful once again and now listen and observe my body., mind and spirit. She is a true inspiration and a passionate and dedicated teacher for all ages and abilities. I can't recommend her highly enough.

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Good Vibrations!

Jannines's yoga classes are always something to look forward to. She is very experienced, relaxed and helpful. She is also very spiritual and many a wise word has been spoken by her. If you want to get rid of tension or relax after a stressful day I can strongly recommend going to a yoga session with Jannine. Don't be surprised if your whole outlook on life changes too!

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Gratitude and love

Every time i walk into the room, that Jannine has prepared for yoga.........i enter a sacred and safe space. I love that so much and thank you so much for creating
it Jannine. She was born to do/share yoga and she is a wonderful teacher and beautiful soul. I always look forward to a class and im so blessed our paths has crossed. Much love and blessings.


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Jannine Boshoff

Brilliant Yoga teacher!

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Superb Yoga Teacher

Janine is a very experienced caring, helpful teacher, passionate about yoga, spiritual, kind, thoughtful and mindful of the ability of her students at all times. She is always cheerful, pleasant, welcoming and creative. I cannot speak highly enough of this wonderful beautiful lady, both inside and outside or what she has done for me personally. She is a true inspiration.