Jared Sato

Courtenay, BC

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Jared is a certified yoga instructor, inspired by two main styles of hatha yoga: Ashtanga and Yin. He has been practicing yoga since 2000. Also a certified personal trainer, and martial arts instructor, Jared has extensive experience working with people from all walks of life, plus a deep understanding of anatomy and human movement, all evident in his teaching and practice.


I believe in presenting yoga in a straightforward and realistic manner, in a language people understand. No facades, no yarns, and no molds to fit: I teach yoga as I see it, and transmit only what I know, from who I am. My teaching style is pragmatic and comprehensive, but still relaxed with just the right dose of () humor to keep it lively. I aspire to teach for my students, not to them.

Drawing from knowledge, blended with intuition and a keen sense for what works, I emphasize proper alignment and sound technique. However, I also recognize that we were not all meant to look the same, (or like the photos in magazines and media), and that we each have a unique expression of postures and practice. In this way, to help demystify the practice, I aim to educate my students and lead them to discover their own body mechanics, so they, themselves, may apply these insights to their practice.

I’m attentive and understanding to the individual needs of my students and thoughtful in the preparation of my yoga programs. My instructions are clear, to help you wrap your brain (and maybe your body!) around the concepts. I strive to keep sessions engaging, and I love to answer questions. Finally, I encourage my students to take their time to develop a strong and sustainable practice, as it’s only with a dedicated and consistent practice that true learning begins and epiphanies spark!


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