Jasmine Fhilee

Canterbury, CT
United States

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Fitness and nature has been my life for the past 45 years.

As a Professional Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer I only used yoga postures as a cool down method at the end of my training.

Due to major changes in my life. I devoted myself to Yoga and began healing my internal being. I started with a year of Baptiste yoga, almost everyday I dissolved all the hardness that had developed. That is when I knew fitness was not just about building up, you had to bring yourself to a place of breaking down to the core of who you are before you really could grow.

I began taking classes in a new studio which included all the different practices, this is when I began to understand practice much better in many different forms, new insights began to evolve within me.

Currently I'm saving funds to spend one month at Kripalu yoga to become certified. My intention is to teach yoga and help others explore the only path home is through themselves, yoga is the vehicle.

I taught fitness to all levels, places, and different types of people in my lifetime, then I left fitness and went into the IT Tech world as a recruiter for 8 years, now that I'm now available currently look at the paths that I have made for myself and need to choose one. Its time to choose from the heart and not from the head.


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