Jasmine Roberts

Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom

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I trained from an early age in various styles of dance including ballet, tap and modern. More recently I have studied Latin and Ballroom dancing but I have always been interested in how the body moves. It was at the age of 15, when I discovered I had hypermobility following a trampoline induced back injury that I found the drive to develop and support my body. It wasn’t about aesthetics I was passionate about maintaining a strong core and maintaining my flexibility. As a result of this I had to find ways to help rehabilitate my body in order to reduce the pain I was experiencing.
This pain only increased when I went to university to study glass and ceramics. Most days I would be glass blowing and this would often exacerbate my back pain and the physiotherapy exercises weren’t really working.
Ballet had been a passion of mine and I wanted to practise the strengthening exercises to help my condition I then discovered BARRE CONCEPT! This discipline helped to strengthen my body as it’s a high intensity exercise class.
While I was taking part in Barre classes I discovered my love for Pilates Mat and Reformer. Since discovering Pilates I have never looked back! The feeling when I finish taking part in Pilates you just can’t beat, every muscle has been worked to the max. It is such an effective type of exercise and more people should do it as it will help in so many aspects of your life, work, exercising, sleeping and your mental state to name a few. But the main one for me is that I can now say that most days I am completely pain free from my troublesome back injury!
Now that I had my passion for Pilates I decided to train as a Pilates instructor under Emma Newham from Pilates Union. This has enabled me to have a greater understanding of how the body works and adopt a teaching style which tries to educate, strengthen and attend to the needs of my clients’ bodies. I try and keep my classes interesting by exploring movement and styles each week, using different equipment or focusing on different aspects of the body and I find my clients love being challenged and pushed. Allowing them to develop and grow as Pilates students.
After my Pilates Mat qualification I then went onto completing my Barre Concept and Pilates Reformer Machine training.
In a Barre Concept class the body responds very quickly to the workout resulting in muscles being toned and reshaped plus the fast pace delivers a cardio workout which burns fat and can help with weight loss. During my Barre classes I play upbeat music, I encourage you to push yourself to the next level with the technical workout which will be specially prepared for each class’s needs. I love when I see the accomplishment on my clients’ faces when they have got through a really tough sequence of moves but it is a lot of fun and you will be looking like graceful ballerinas in no time!
The Pilates Reformer machine is a fantastic piece of equipment which uses resistance springs to help challenge and realign the body and is very good for those who have injuries who need more of a rehabilitation approach.
I am excited to say that I will soon be doing my Yoga Teacher training. I believe that an exercise regime consisting of Pilates and Yoga complements one another so well, that it is a natural progression for me to do my Yoga Teacher training.
Alongside teaching Pilates and Barre Concept in Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham I continue my own practise of Yoga, Aerial Yoga and Pilates outside of the studio as I feel it is important to set an example for my students to show that I don’t just ‘talk the talk’ but I ‘walk the walk’ or should I say work the mat?.


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