Jason Brown

New York, NY
United States

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I'm a New York City based yoga teacher, clinical massage therapist and functional anatomy educator. Over the past twenty years I've taught at many of the major yoga studios and gyms in Manhattan, created a unique style of yoga (Zenyasa®), run a boutique yoga and bodywork studio (Zenyasa Yoga & Wellness Studio) and created a series of extended continuing education courses for yoga teachers and movement professionals (Functional Anatomy Academy).

I'm currently available for private yoga instruction and therapeutic bodywork services on the Upper West Side at Ordinary Mind Zendo and NAAM Yoga, and may also be able to come to your home if you live in Manhattan above 65th Street.

$1,500Private Yoga or Massage My Place (10-Pack)
$1,800Private Yoga or Massage Your Place (10-Pack)
Payment due:N.A.