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Javier Wermuth is born in Córdoba Argentina and grew up in Salta, in the north of the country.
From when he was child he was connected to the popular music because of his family. He studied in the post-secondary School of Music in Salta with the teacher Gustavo Kantor.
After having been travelling in Uruguay for his studies, he met in Córdoba his partner Anahí Sandivares and he started with her a trip through South America studying the musics, dances and cultures of the continent.
Together with the musicians Ernesto Guardia and Marcelino Peralta they form the group Alimishky.
After 13 years of travels he has become a multi instrumentalist playing the South American guitar, the charango, the cavaquiño of Brazil, the Colombian bagpipers, the Candombe drums and the Murga of Uruguay, the Brasilian percussion like pandeiro, Zurdo, etc., the Peruvian cajon, the Afro Colombian music with the Tambor Alegre, the Tambora, the Llamador and the Maracas as well as the wind andean instruments like Quena, Quenacho, Sikus and Sampoña, among others.
During these years he realized workshops in the whole continent sharing his knowledge with people of South America.
In 2017 he met Iris Disse and plays music for her classes in the Durga’s Tiger School.
In 2018 he completed the 500hrs Teacher Training where he teaches about ancestral musics of Latin America. He also makes musics for the “LImpias” at the school (energy cleansings) and he guides meditations with his music.


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