Jayme Rodgers

United Kingdom
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I have a passion for community practices, anything that brings people together and encourages them to engage with each other, developing their skills in communication, tolerance, empathy and patience.

I believe the world would be a better place if we all moved, shared and played a little bit more :)

I'd love to see you expand and explore - your body, your expectationss and your horizons!


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

7 Reviews

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So Glad I Did This Course!

I am so glad I attended this course; not only did I discover that I LOVE acro-yoga and meet some amazing people, but I also benefited greatly from the physical nature of the practice at a time when I happened to be dealing with recovery from a serious illness. Being in such a safe environment and working with open, generous people (even though they were all strangers at first!) was a very healing thing for me.


Building trust with others and stretching my body in ways that realigned and opened up my posture was lots of fun and I could feel positive transformations immediately after every class.

I really appreciate Jayme and Rick's unique style of teaching, too. Totally human! There was frequent laughter in the group, which kept things light-hearted and down-to-earth. Everything was explained really clearly and demonstrated really clearly all the way through. Whilst practising the lifts, Jayme and Rick came round and gave us great personal coaching, helping us to fix positions that we may have felt were impossible for us, with simple adjustments. They also gave constant positive assurance which really boosted morale and motivation.

This course helped me enormously on my way to regaining physical and mental strength. Also, as a performer, I have discovered a new skill that can be incorporated into my work!

With sincere thanks,

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Uplifting for sure!

Rick and Jayme were the best equipped for a fun and safe introduction to AcroYoga! You can see they love what they do and really want to enable others to enjoy stunts in the air!

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Being a part of Jayme & Rick's AcroYoga course in Brixton was a gift. It gave me a chance to learn a few of the basics for AcroYoga and begin to understand it's origins. But more than that I learnt how connecting ArcoYoga was. We had a range of abilities, experience, fears, confidence, phyical limitations. From a ballet dancer to a man with no use of his legs, someone who had never done anything acrobatic and one with early onset arthritis. We all had something to share and so much to learn. Their teaching and guidance brought us together to guide and help, showing us what we can truly achieve working as one.
An experience I wouldn't miss for the world. I highly recommend them as both teachers - you will grow under their watchful gaze.

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Acroyoga beginner

Made me feel very safe, but like I could do anything if I put my mind to it. Very friendly and welcoming.

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I thought Jayme and Rick were fantastic. I felt very safe in their hands - it was the right balance of safe but challenging!

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Bloody hell

I was taught things I couldn't imagine as a disabled person I could do. Rick being disabled himself inspired me though and Jayme was amazing too. 2 very cool people and I enjoyed the company of the other participants too - all very special and fun to be with.

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Brilliant and Friendly

Rick and Jayme were wonderful teachers who showed great warmth, patience and confidence. Safety was their primary concern, so they were always on hand to impart tips and make sure everyone felt supported. In just 6 sessions, they got a room full of varying skill ranges to do incredible things, and I would highly recommend them!