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Waterloo, ON

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Teaching yoga to all ages and abilities is my specialty. To date, I have taught over 3,000 yoga classes, taken over 600 hours of yoga teacher training and practiced yoga for over twenty years. By continually taking yoga teacher training, it allows me to serve my clients better.
My goal is to help improve people’s physical and mental wellness; while decreasing their stress levels. I have worked with people living with back, neck, shoulder and other issues such as fibromyalgia, lymphedema, cancer, MS, and mild to severe anxiety and mood disorders as well as national level athletes.

Facilitating learning is my passion. When I am not teaching yoga, I am designing, developing and delivering a wide range of training, speeches and facilitating workshops. Within the last year I spoke at the Older Adult Centers Association of Ontario Conference on “Dealing with Difficult People”, delivered a full day workshop on “Helping Women Find their Voices”(Public Speaking Tips and Tricks), “Relax, Rejuvenate and Re-Energize” (through Yoga) at the CMHA Families Initiative Conference, and delivered a webinars with Dr. Stuart Shanker on “Yoga is an Effective Tool” (for Self Regulation), and delivered webinars for on “Successful Health and Wellness Programs”. Understanding and applying the adult learning principals to teaching yoga enhances the design and delivery of my adult yoga classes. When working with children, I apply Dr. Ross Greene’s Proactive and Collaborative Problem Solving Tools, Dr. Stuart Shankers and other Canadian Self Regulation Initiative tools, and Ronald Morrison’s “Secretes of Discipline”.

With over 90 styles of posed based yoga it is a challenge to understand how Innovative Wellness is different from all the other styles of yoga.

Jayne’s Yoga Style blends restorative, gentle, therapeutic, chair and trauma-informed yoga. Mindfulness is part of the practice. She focuses on both the mental and physical well being of her clients and modifies as needed.

Some describe Jayne’s yoga is a “self” –centered, client-centered yoga model that focuses on Self–awareness, Self-care, Self-regulation, Self-esteem, Self-confidence, Self-Stress Releasers.

Yoga for Mental & Physical Wellness Program Success Story:

“I developed and coordinated the People in Motion (PIM) program with Dr. Voruganti. Yoga was just starting to become popular when we first developed the program. I wanted yoga in the program offerings as it was novel, trendy, and relatively low cost. My participants had no experience with exercise and it was important for the activity to be enjoyable for them to be successful at it. However, what I did not expect was how well it reduced their mental health symptoms. I knew we had struck gold when one young man spontaneously reported after his first class, “Wow! I didn’t hear one voice for the past hour and a half”. Jayne has a passion for yoga. She had a calm and confident demeanour and is able to teach anyone yoga.” Gayle P., RN.

PIM: 85% of the participants reported a decrease in symptoms, pain, and felt less sleepy. 90% reported felt good

Testimonial from Caregivers

I am a mother of a man with schizophrenia and anxiety. I started taking yoga with Jayne because my son found that yoga breathing helped with the busyness in his head. Initially, we did partner yoga which helped to re-establish our bond after the stress of fighting over going for treatment and having the police take him to hospital. We now have an excellent, positive relationship.

Yoga was an excellent idea because it helped my son and I spend positive time together again after the stress of his illness and hospitalization. We focused on doing something together instead of his illness. It also helped with my stress from trying to get my son treatment and continually supporting him in his journey of recovery.

Going to yoga with my son initially was to model self care to him and to support his need to reduce his mental stress. The benefit to me was reduced back pain which was caused by stress and muscle tension and also a pinched nerve in my back (2 different issues). After my first 2 years of yoga, I was no longer using pain medication for my back issue at all--just yoga.

I also had the added benefits of being reenergized by my weekly classes and reducing the stress I felt supporting someone with a major mental illness. I also have metabolic disorder and have experienced a significant reduction in my blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol over the past 5 years.

I now have increased stamina, balance and core strength because of my yoga and I definitely experience a more positive mood now than when I started classes.

I really enjoy the relaxation and mindfulness exercises as they help me focus and plan positively for the next week. My son and I both enjoy our time together at yoga and hate to miss a class.

Yoga through the ages - Participants were asked how has Yoga with Jayne helped you?

5 year old says: "Yoga makes me feel good." Mom writes: Yoga has helped my son who has a high revving engine learn techniques to help him self regulate. Yoga is an effective tool."

6 year old says: "Yoga makes it easier for me to breathe" (when I get nervous or afraid)

9 year old says: "I use yoga to help me calm down."

12 year old says: "Life at home is stressful, yoga helped me focus better at school"

14 year old says: When I am feeling anxious, yoga helps me calm down and concentrate. When my body hurts, yoga helps reduce the pain. When I cannot sleep, yoga helps me fall asleep. When I am feeling sad, yoga breathing helps me, and not sink any lower. I tallow allows me to reconnect with my body. It really helps when my Mom does yoga with me.

15 year old says: "You are the only person who helped me control my ADD. The breathing really helped"

16 year old: "I start most every day with a headache but our morning yoga class would help it go away."

male 17 year old says: "Yoga helped me focus better, at school and on the ice. It also helped me recover from some injuries" - Student and Kitchener Ranger

24 year old says: "I have schizophrenia with a very high level of anxiety a great deal of the time and a depression component as well. I have had the opportunity to be involved in yoga classes for some time, even when I was in the more acute stages of my psychosis. Yoga classes have helped me in many ways, including the following:Learning to use my breathing as a calming strategy. (I use this almost daily and probably many times in a day.). Focusing myself to stay out of my thoughts. Increasing my awareness of what is happening in my body and using poses to release tension. Restorative yoga has helped to give my muscles a message to relax, which has decreased headaches, neck and shoulder tension and even dizziness that is created at times by the level of tension in my muscles. After a yoga class the decrease in tension in my body decreases my anxiety level and this can last into the next day. I am able to sleep better and am also more alert during the day. Yoga provides increased motivation to be healthy. Jayne's Sleep Aid Audio helps me sleep. I even took it to the hospital when I went for surgery. "

male 30 something says: "Before People in Motion and yoga with Jayne I was sleeping thirteen hours a night. I was tired all the time and I didn’t have a lot of energy. I’m dealing with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia and my medication does this to me. Yoga has woken me up. I’m more alert. ….Now I have a lot more energy now and I like to keep active. I’m now training for my 2nd half marathon walk. I power walk to keep in shape and to train for the walk…...Jayne is my instructor. Yoga has become part of my recovery – it is part of my journey towards better mental health and a healthy life style….Yoga energizes and relaxes me. It helps me to stay grounded so that I can face my week, no matter what stress comes up. For me, yoga is a great way to start the week. Yoga has become a big part of my self-care routine."

30 something says: "Jayne is a phenomenal yoga teacher. I've had the privilege of taking part in her "in home" yoga classes. Yoga adds balance to my life so I can keep up with the every day busy demands. Yoga increases work tolerance, relaxation and flexibility, and decreases a busy mind :)"

40 something says: "Yoga makes me feel good. :) Yoga brings me back into my centre, which connects me to everyone, that warm loving space together as One. (as corny as that sounds!) The physical practice has so many benefits for the body, but I love it for how it calms my mind, clears and connects to what's really important - the little things in life, aren't little at all. Meditation and bhakti practice have done the same - a communication and connection time, uniting energy of the body with the energy of the Soul. It keeps me young at heart& feeling happy :)"

Male 50 something says: "Yoga made me feel happy all over!" I went because my back hurt, and it helped with my back and so much more."

50 something says: "Yoga has helped me to accept my body just the way it is. This is in sharp contrast to years spent hating parts of my body and waging war with it through exercise. I now experience my body as my friend and as an amazing gift to matter my waist size. This acceptance of, and respect for my body, enables me to stand tall. As I stand tall, I feel confidence, which matches my new posture. Jayne’s yoga often begins with a cup of tea and it’s also a great way to make connections with other people."

Male 80 something says: "After yoga I feel I have more energy"

90 something says: "Yoga has helped me feel better."

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