Jayne Schorr

Haiku, HI
United States

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Jayne believes yoga saved the Growing up on the east coast, deeply involved in athletics and academics, Jayne began questioning a lot about life and true purpose. An exciting time indeed, but one that can come with bouts of overwhelm, anxiety, and depression. She discovered a yoga class during college and noticed the clarifying and calming effects on the body, mind, and emotions.
Her interest and practice spread into Bikram and varieties of hot yoga with circuit training; All while continuing to explore options of where to live, work, surf and run.
Maui became her home in 2012. Many page-turning events occurred since then, really challenging and uplifting Jayne in more ways than ever imagined in one lifetime.
Using these experiences, Jayne motivated to complete the 200hr YTT at Mangala Yoga with Maureen Gildersleeve. She now teaches Vinyasa Flow yoga at both Mangala Yoga and Body Alive on Maui.


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