Jayne Veillette

Managua MN

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Undertaking my training mostly in Canada (certified from United school Montreal, yyt 250hrs). I'm specialized in Hatha yoga with a notion of alignment. I also have an other certification yyt 200hrs from Paramanand yoga institut and research, learning the spiritual aspect of yoga and Ashram discipline.
As part of my passion is travelling, I took many differents workshops in cities across India as well as south east Asia. I also learned how to meditate through the Vipassana technique in North of Thaïland and India (Jaipur) as well as under the guidance of Dr. Omanand (Guruji) in India (Indore).

In my teaching I focus not only on the physical aspect of yoga but also the restaurative and spiritual side.
I believe yoga is a great means to reconnect to ourselves, our bodies, our emotions and our thoughts.