Jean Hoiland

Enumclaw, WA
United States

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On December 31, 1999, my life changed in a dramatic way when two of my friends got me to try yoga, and I loved it! I was hooked right at the first syllable of the Invocation Chant. After years of being a workout junkie, Type A, no pain no gain fast moving, sports loving doubter of yoga my world finally had balance, well sort of.

As is typical for me I immersed myself in it, the therapeutic effects were just what I needed. Never being one to shrink from change I totally fell in love with the transformative aspect of the breathing, mindfulness and focused slower movements of the asanas.

Over the years I’ve transformed into a master teacher with thousands of hours teaching and training. I have taught full time since 2003, opened a brick and mortar yoga studio in 2006 and was voted a top 5 studio in all of Western WA in 2008. I closed the studio in 2015 when I realized I really just wanted to teach and share my love of yoga.