Jeanine Cerundolo

Brooklyn, NY
United States

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"I am a Kripalu certified instructor (and Yoga Alliance Member) who has been practicing yoga since the age of 15. I specialize in teaching teens and young adults, beginners, or those with beginner’s mind. My style and approach focus on relaxation, connection with an inner as well as outer strength, and creating a calm that continues off the mat and into your day.

Having initially found yoga and breathwork difficult and confusing, I aim to keep my instructions clear while enhancing the experience through poeticism and metaphors. My classes aim to foster a sense of inward serenity while inspiring outward connection, compassion, and community.

I also lead powerful guided meditations as well as design and facilitate workshops and personal Skype coaching courses that cultivate Bliss, Passion and Purpose. The guided meditations are very personal, and serve to connect your body, mind, and spirit to a deep place of emotional catharsis for addressing salient issues in your life.”


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