Jeanne Lamb

Wimberly, TX
United States
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At a very early age, I learned that yoga had power to heal. As the daughter of a Navy pilot and a Hippie mom I traveled a lot as a kid. The excitement of travel often turned into full blown asthma and panic attacks. I remember my step mother once hid our entire families packed suitcases in her room so that I would not know we were leaving until we left! My mom taught me to use breathing techniques and stillness to help control the asthma and anxiety which had hospitalized me several times. Using these techniques helped me transition from homes in Australia to India to Saudi Arabia and back to Australia for boarding school.

As an adult, Yoga kept poking at me and I would brush it away, thinking I need a more intense form of activity. I was a runner, had done a full marathon and had the bling to prove it. No chanting, incense and slow movements for me. A friend opened a yoga studio in town; I took my free class and never went back. Got a Rodney Yee DVD as a gift and never opened it. I took a class at the local junior college as an ‘easy’ PE credit, loved the class, made an A, became friends with the instructor…and moved on. Yoga found me once again while I was training for my first triathlon. Something about yoga resonated with me at this time. The class was warm, the poses made my muscles burn and my mind quit yelling at me. I felt full and wiped clean all at the same time. Shortly after that I went to go visit my Mom, a massage therapist. She leased massage space in the office of a yoga studio. I did yoga every day that I could while I was there. Hot. Cold. Slow. Fast. All of it. I decided that I wanted to learn more.

I went into teacher training with no plans to teach. Like a lot of people, I wanted to know more about why certain poses did what they did, what I could do to rehabilitate my ankle and all the rest of whatever it was that made yoga "work” for so many different ailments and the people that wear them. We usually end up where we were supposed to be going, and so of course I ended up in a school focused on teaching skills. Teaching opportunities fell into my hand, and I listened, and followed the call.

I'm still listening, learning, growing, teaching and falling deeper and deeper into yoga. I am just beginning my journey and am excited to share my travels with you.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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