Jeenal Mehta

Mumbai Maharashtra
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Jeenal Mehta Fonseca is the Co-founder and Director of Wise Living Yoga Academy and has been conducting Yoga Teacher Training courses & Workshops in India, South Asia (Hong Kong, Thailand, Bali) and South America (Brazil) along with her husband Daniel Fonseca. From young age she is studying and applying the philosophy of Bhakti Yoga in her life. Now she is actively training several clients with challenging history of obesity, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension and postural disorders, etc. She is also a motivating counsellor for weight management, stress, anxiety, depression and other life problems. She has also been a successful trainer to clients for anti-smoking and an addiction-free lifestyle. She is a passionate animal and nature lover and teaches Yoga to spread ecological awareness and vegetarianism amongst the people. She is motivated by Mahatma Gandhi and such personalities and aims to bring sustainable development in the society and especially to the younger generation through Yoga. She is also a faculty teacher at The Yoga Institute, Mumbai which is the world's oldest Yoga organization.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Traditional Yoga in Paradise

Jeenal is an authentic teacher. She has taught me the depths of philosophy and has allowed me to know what true Yoga feels like in my body, how i can master my thoughts and emotions through the Yoga Sutras, and how Yoga is a holistic spiritual path with deep meaning.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
strong personality

Jeenal was my public speech teacher in Mumbai, and at first I was shocked that I had to learn to speak in public, as I was foolish enough to think that I could teach without learning how to break the barrier I had, caused by insecurity and shyness. She managed to teach me how to gain self confidence while explaining topics I have a strong belief upon and how to present my ideas in public without fear of confrontation.
I owe a lot to her as she managed to change me deeply, so if anyone wishes to teach, but has fears of being on a stage in front of people, then she will work miracles, I am sure anyone can become a good teacher thanks to her guidance.