Jeff Bailey

Boulder, CO
United States

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Life happens… And then somewhere along the way, the “happening” catches up to us and we find that our bodies aren’t able to function with the same ease and comfort it did in the past. No one is able to avoid the effects of time and gravity on the body--not to mention injuries, karmic patterns and normal wear and tear that happen over a lifetime.
This is me. I’ve experienced the trials and tribulations of life. I discovered yoga at the age of 22. It breathed fresh life into my body and soul, but a few decades later I found myself searching for ways to recover from a ski accident that severely impacted my hip. For the first time, even yoga wasn’t solving my problem. Lying on my back in Savasana after yoga one day, I willed a way. I closed my eyes, and without attachment, I asked for a way to resolve my hip pain and fulfill my vision of providing yoga that anyone can do and benefit from. Weeks later the answer came in a random email inviting me to a Kaiut Yoga class in the basement of a church in Boulder, CO. I trusted the sign, and enrolled in four classes. In the first 10 minutes of my first class, I knew I had been given exactly as I asked. This was in the winter of 2014, and now Kaiut Yoga has become a significant part of my life. I still have work to do, but this practice has restored my sense of youth and radically changed the way I see health, fitness and our potential to heal.

We all have the inner resources to handle the challenges of life. Kaiut Yoga is a method that helps us all access and invigorate the body’s innate intelligence that restores and heals. And when something works, we naturally want to share it. I have been sharing this method from the moment I learned it in the summer of 2015.

About Jeff:
Jeff fell in love with the physical and spiritual intelligence of yoga in his hometown of Gunnison, CO. He went on to develop a diverse background in the practice including Iyengar, Vinyasa and Yin. All have led perfectly to his discovery of Kaiut Yoga, the method he currently teaches and practices. He has an appreciation for the power of yoga as a healing meditation—an element that often finds its way into his classes. Jeff has found that with a curious, self-accepting approach, yoga can heal almost anything.

Jeff is RYT 500 certified. He holds two 200-hour teacher certifications, and one 300-hour certification. He heads up Yoga Loft’s Teacher Training programs. As a trained Rolfer, Jeff has a practical understanding of the body—how it can injure and then heal, and how compensatory patterns can be reprogramed through yoga and meditation for greater comfort and joy. While Jeff has studied with a variety of Yoga teachers over the years, he is most inspired by Brazilian yoga pioneer, Francisco Kaiut. Along with his wife, Dr. Lori Kemmet, Jeff is the proud owner of Yoga Loft in Boulder, Colorado.


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