Jeff Grace

North Vancouver, BC

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I teach a variety of styles of yoga and come from a diverse background.

I began my personal practice in 2001 seeking both relief from athletic injuries and for the psychological benefits of a yoga practice.

Growing up I was a highly competitive swimmer and triathlete. For 20 years I was a professional swim coach at every level you can think of from coaching learn to swim to top age group athletes to assisting with Olympians and coaching Ironman masters triathletes.

There were two major events in my life that drew me to teaching yoga. The first was being diagnosed with Bipolar II at the age of 26. The second was a major car accident that eventually necessitated spinal surgery.

Yoga has been something that has helped me with my mood stability and kept me physically healthy. I wanted to share that with others. So I combined my passion for teaching and coaching with my passion for the practice of yoga.

When teaching I focus on functional movement (strength and mobility that is directly transferable to movements done away from the yoga mat) and mindfulness.

I work with several athletes at various levels to develop a sport-specific practice, but am very passionate about sharing the therapeutic benefits of yoga with all populations.


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