Jeffrey Hair

Hanahan, SC
United States

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Jeffrey was born and raised in Charleston and grew up in Hanahan. He began practicing Yoga in 2007 after being diagnosed with Cancer and having to go through chemotherapy for several months. Yoga was part of the mental and physical recovery for him at that time and he feels that his practice helped the healing process tremendously. He moved back to Charleston in 2008 after living away from his home city for 12 years. He stopped practicing Yoga on a regular basis but began again two years ago after discovering Barefoot Yoga Studio in Park Circle. While attending classes and working with teachers such as Well Blackmon and Matthew Porter, Jeffrey rediscovered his love of Yoga and began practicing regularly which led him to seek a certification to teach Yoga as well. Jeffrey loves introducing new people to the world of Yoga and all the benefits that come along with it. He has been a therapist in the field of mental health for 20 years and has many times recommended patients start a yoga practice for various difficulties such as anxiety and depression. He feels that Yoga can be a huge benefit in connecting the mind and body and decrease some of the stress and difficulties that go along with daily living which promotes an overall improvement in mental clarity.


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