Jeffrey Lippert

Flossmoor, IL
United States

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About 20 years ago, after hiking the first 1,000 miles of the Appalachian Trail as a long distance backpacker, I found my muscles to be so foreshortened from the repetitive motion of 10 hour trail days that I could barely touch my hands below my knees.

My solution was cross training with fitness-style yoga. After several months of yoga, my muscles filled with power, I no longer had back pain from hiking 20 mile mountain days with a full pack, and I gained a fuller range of motion throughout my body.

I was so impressed with the results of yoga conditioning I trained and certified as a yoga instructor and have been teaching several yoga classes each week.

Over the years my yoga has grown beyond its’ physical attributes. For me, Yoga is about exploring my limits, discovering my breath, moving beyond the comfort level of my conditioned mind and body; finding both my physical and mental edge, the ultimate mind/body challenge.

My results have been increased overall health, energy, and vitality, a stronger and leaner body, natural weight loss, reduced stress and tension, better posture, improved concentration and a higher level of fitness. With my students and personal training clients I’ve found Yoga can benefit everyone regardless of their condition or athletic ability.


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