Jeltje Alexa Lamichhane


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I have a regular yoga practice since 2006. After attending various yoga classes and workshops, I followed a Vinyasa Yoga teacher training (300 RYT) at Yoga Moves in The Netherlands and another Hatha Yoga (Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa) teacher training (200 RYT) at PadmaKarma in India.

Towards the end of the first Yoga Teacher training I got a severe injury (herniated intervertebra disk). It was incredibly painful and I could not be operated. My spine had to heal by taking rest. This was my first true lesson in yoga. It taught me to be patient, persistent and most of all to listen to the sensations of my own body. It also brought my attention to the weaker parts of my body and I learned a lot on hyper flexibility, protection of the spine and preventing back pain and other injuries.

Jeltje’s classes are fun if you are looking for a more physical challenge, but are also suitable for beginners. Jeltje aspires to teach in such a way that each student can find a way in building up towards more complex poses. Vinyasa classes will help to increase strength, endurance, balance and flexibility on and off the mat.

The focus of her classes are on the breath, the bandhas and the transition from posture to posture. Sun salutations are a recurring part and are used as a connection between the postures. During each lesson there is a different theme and peak pose.