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Cairns QLD
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CAIRNS BEACHES YOGA is Jen Hamilton. Jen is the creator of Core Connected Vinyasa Yoga, a flowing yoga style designed to effectively use the core of the body to create stability and freedom, exploring the body’s full range of motion while cultivating precision, alignment, balance, flexibility, grace, power and strength.

Jen has over 17 years experience in various yoga styles including Ashtanga Vinysasa Yoga, Iyengar Yoga & Pilates.
Her early training and influence was with Senior Iyengar based teachers Nicky Knoff, James Bryan and Peter Scott. She went on to practice and teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga under the guidance of senior Ashtanga teacher Michel Besnard. Her practice then led her to move in a way that felt more natural and creative by igniting and nourishing the body with continuously different movements, sequences and rhythms all coming from a deep core connection.

Her interest in cutting edge anatomy has led her to study the myofascial meridian work of Tom Myers, as seen in his book Anatomy Trains. His findings expand our idea of the 'core' from 6 abdominal muscles to multiple head-to-toe interconnecting lines of muscle that make up our innermost support system. This is the Deep Core Line along the skeleton that you will learn to activate, going deeper will balance stability with mobility giving you deep strength, power and fluidity.

Known for her warm and approachable style of teaching that encourages playfulness, exploration, artistry and mastery through movement, she now teaches her own signature class, Core Connected Vinyasa Yoga, which combines elements from the various yoga styles she has studied into one fluid expression of movement that connects body, mind and spirit.

Jen is also Co-Founder of Yogahub Cairns , a co operative of passionate and committed teachers sharing a CBD studio who strive to make Yoga accessable and affordable to all. Working with community partners and disadvantaged groups, the vision is to bring health and happiness to individuals and our greater community.

Jen loves living in Cairns with her partner and 3 beautiful daughters. She teaches private lessons, public classes, workshops, and retreats.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

10 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
An Inspiration

Jen Hamilton is a true inspiration. Her unique, diverse and uplifting yoga teaching really connects with my soul and body. Jen's open and down to earth personality really makes you feel at ease and enjoy your yoga experience immensely. Jen is a rarity when is comes to communicating with her yogi's. Her depth of knowledge and understanding of the body and fascia really takes my yoga experience to another level. You become so 'in tune' with your body and mind which is so valuable for a healthy and fulfilling life. Thank you Jen x

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Learning yoga with Jen

I am very new and very much a beginner but in a short time I have learned so much from Jen.I am not sure how it looks to the observer but it feels like it is starting to come together for me!
Its great just arriving at class and seeing Jens welcoming , smiley face, the stresses of the day melt away.


Running through the above is the easiest way to explain. Jen has quite big classes but it doesn't feel like that as she demonstrates the positions and then moves around the floor explaining and adjusting the poses individually and offering options for more advanced, or less or for people with physical limitations or injuries.
Jen is obviously very experienced and very aware of how the body will react and feel and that's surprising at times as she will often describe a sensation after a particular stretching or broadening of an area. This is something that I have never thought about in my body before and the increasing awareness is quite amazing. How to stretch on either side and then counter balance that stretch, as it were, with an opposing one. Its all second nature to her but it an awakening for me.
For me my time with Jen offers the obvious physical benefits but is getting me in tune with my inner self in a harmonious way that I have not experienced before.
Making the connection between my body, my spiritual self, breathing, finding the calm.
I am looking forward to more classes being available to me in the future.
The classes are challenging and interesting as Jen offers a different approach each class. Everyone is able to work at their own level and there is no pressure to go beyond each level of ability but Jen encourages everyone to rise to their best.
Jen has a lovely aura and is very patient and complimentary and makes the learning all the easier and more fun with her lovely sense of humour.

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Doing yoga with Jen is like catching up with a very close friend over coffee on a beautiful day. You leave with a warm feeling of self acceptance and rejuvenation. Jen's experience and knowledge, and her gentle candor and humor makes my yoga practice worth pursuing.

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Lively, fun, experienced, knowledgeable and truly beautiful!

I have been attending Jen Hamilton's Yoga classes for 12 and a half years having not begun Yoga till the age of 50. She is the consummate teacher; always encouraging, accepting of limitations, full of incredible energy and she definitely knows her stuff! On top of this, she is the most lovely and generous person who makes my Yoga sessions the highlight of my week.

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great teacher

Jen is a fabulous teacher wether it is your first class or you have been doing it for years. She demonstrates and explains postures and keeps ensuring everyone is working to their own level and listening to their bodies. Jen doesn't makes the classes fun yet very relaxing. I am a yoga fan for life because of Jen, thanks Jen

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Jen has a wonderful understanding of the human body- mind connection and anatomy, accompanied by clear instruction and explanation. Her style is fun, uplifting, strengthening, relaxing and empowering. Her ability to tailor her classes to accommodate and support the individual is to be highly commended. She is friendly, approachable and inspiring.

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An experienced, innovative and awesome yoga teacher

Jen Hamilton teaches yoga with a refreshing, unique and individual style. No two classes are the same but you always leave her classes feeling like you have physically challenged your body, enhanced your mind and nourished your spirit. Jen's yoga is soul food.

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The best all rounder yoga classes in Cairns!

Jen is my favourite Yoga teacher in the Cairns area. Her classes are invigorating and motivating. Her energy and positive attitude is contagious and I guarantee you will leave every class feeling alive, strong and in yoga jargon juicy! Jen is very accommodating to each individuals needs and will tailor posses to suit you and your body. Her classes have had a significant impact on improving my back and hip pain as well as increasing flexibility and strength. You will not be disappointed, give it a go!

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Fresh , interesting and rewarding

I have practiced yoga for about 15 years. I've experienced a lot of teachers and styles. Jen manages to offer a new and fresh sequence every time and keeps me motivated and testing my limits. Her core connected vinyasa flow has limitless options for everyone, regardless of experience. Weekends wouldn't be the same without her class. Thanks Jen!

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Capable, confident, caring

Thank you Jen.