Jen Majors

Duncanville, TX
United States
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Jen grew up just south of Dallas, Texas. She is currently working on her RYT 200 at Blue Anjou Yoga Studio, with DeAnna Shires-Nielsen. She is scheduled to complete her training by October of 2013. Jen has been married to her husband Josh for 14 years, proving that high school sweethearts can make it in today’s world. They have no children of their own, but are blessed to be an aunt and uncle to 4 adorable nephews, 1 beautiful niece, and are parents to a French Bulldog named Ryder. They moved back to their hometown of Duncanville, TX in 2003. They enjoy spending time with family and friends, as well as having quiet time together at home. Family is the joy and light of her life. Jen dabbled in yoga for several years before falling in love with hot power yoga in January 2012. It is her hope that with DeAnna's guidance she can become a well-rounded yoga teacher. Challenging her students in a fun and supportive way, helping them to push their edge while also listening to their bodies and making the practice their own.